HIRZL Grippp Light SF - Black/White

HIRZL Grippp Light SF - Black/White

Get Control. Get Grippp

Maximum Grip and a Gloveless Feeling

  • Ultimate Grip in dry, humid & wet conditions.
  • Sweat-free kangaroo leather palm.
  • Extra light & highly breathable.


The GRIPPP LIGHT SF is for those who want to consciously renounce features - simply for true minimalists. The one piece palm is made of kangaroo leather including HIRZL GRIPPPTM technology and completely removes a cushioning system. The backhand and the finger-spaces consist of highly breathable airtech mesh. As a result the GRIPPP LIGHT SF becomes an almost glove-free experience, just with Grip!

  • Tech Specs

    Kangaroo leather

    Airtech Mesh / Lycra / Microfleece thumb

    Nylon 40% / Leather 35% / Polyester 10% / Elastane 10% / Other fibres 5%

    HIRZL GRIPPPTM technology