Himari (Womens) Jersey

Himari (Womens) Jersey

Inspired by The kimono (着物?, きもの) a Japanese traditional garment. Printed with Cherry Blossom (Sakura 桜) with it’s distinctive notched petals, blooms briefly and is fragile. it symbolises new beginnings, renewal (early spring), beauty and the transience of life. Inspired by traditional Japanese representations.


A limited edition design by Route, this jersey is perforated for breathability and high-wicking to take sweat away from your skin. The Route Women’s Pro Jersey is tailored for women.

  • Size Guide

    CM S M L XL
    CHEST <80 80-88 88-92 92-28
    WAIST 70 74 88 92
    FRONT LENGTH 46 51 53 55
    BACK LENGTH 62 64 66 68
  • Care Instructions

    Gentle Machine Wash (Place in Laundry Bag to prevent hook and running of thread)
    Do not use High Heat
    Do not Bleach
    Do not Tumble Dry

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