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With the launch of our FST Brand since 2017, we have since revamped our offerings by streamlining only the best fabric and cut. Materials are directly sourced from Europe and is exactly what many big brands are offering. Without the additional cost for the sponsorship of Pro Teams, this helps us provides you the best value and affordability.

Our friends from Tri-Nutz customised our FST Lightweight Climbers jersey with a gorgeous shade of blue to purple ombre. Sleeves and the Back Panel are made using Italianism Prismatic Fabric and Trine Jacquard Fabric respectively, which are both ultra-lightweight & breathable, making it the perfect jersey for hot and humid conditions. The front panel is made using Italian Dot Lycra, giving wearers a better fit, making it more aerodynamic and efficient.

The team from Team B customised the FST Lightweight Aero jersey in a clean and sleek design. The sleeves are made using Italian Sunbright Fabric, an Aerodynamic fabric built to fit like a second skin, with micro vents to ensure quick wicking and drying. The Front of the jersey is made using M.I.T.I Milk Silk Fabric, a lightweight, ultra-thin and silky fabric that is naturally antibacterial and UV Protective. The Back panel is made with Persia Fabric, a delicate fabric that consists of many breathable micro vents, making this jersey exceptionally cooling and comfortable for a long ride.

Find out how you can create your own FST Jerseys:

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